This week, we met at the Art Gallery and the question of the week was, “What is your favorite form of art?” submitted by a fellow classmate.  I had met with Daniel Martinez and we both mutually answered “music.”  The reason I chose music as my answer is because I believe music has a huge impact on my daily life, from the various types of genres I listen to accordingly to my mood or how the lyrics of songs speak more in certain situations.  Aside from its poetic form, as a musician, I always pay attention to its rhythmic pattern, melodic beats, and overall harmony of the song.  As for Daniel, he feels inspired by music as it gets him going through his day and it always helps him in good or bad situations.14274544_1228300553903851_1203358664_o



For this week’s project, I decided to capture something relatable to most college students in today’s age.  In college, comes college parties, along with alcohol and other substances. From my personal experience, it’s understandable to see how people face trouble with alcohol poisoning, from the hype of the crowd to its peer pressure to take another shot, alcohol poisoning is an issue that students need to take more be more aware of.  I’ve seen many people go from 0-100 way too quickly, and people often don’t know their limits when it comes to hard liquor and I’ll find many people knocked out in corners or bathrooms.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets an alcohol poisoning.  The message I tried to convey with this scene is that one should look out for one another before they take one too many shots.


For this week, the question of the week was “Is art necessary in the present world?” and I discussed it with Lizzie.  Lizzie answered that art isn’t really necessary but life would be very dull without it.  She explained how art shapes everyday life and how it adds color to the world when you think artistically.  Although I agree with her statement, I also argued that I believe art is necessary.  Art is necessary because humans were made for expression and uniqueness.  If we were meant to think and act the same, then we would do so, but art allows each individual to express the differences and similarities among one another.  I believe that art is very subtle but always present in everyday life. Whether it can be physically seen through sculptures or paintings, or heard through music and instruments, art is necessary for defining human nature.14247540_1222921427775097_1822928489_o.jpg


14114682_1216363868430853_754719261_oSo for out first face2face meetup, we spent the entire time getting to know one another and defining different ways of art.  We discussed what could be used as a form of art, which I suggested Legos.  I think it was very cool of Glenn to suggest our meets be dedicated to meeting new people and quiz,tests, or textbooks  not be required.  After defining art, we got in small groups of 5 where we discussed our majors, definitions, and where we came from.  I do not recall all of my groups names, but I do remember one wanted to be an electric engineer and a computer scientist.  Another had been a foreign exchange student from India.  Afterwards, we got into another group of 5 with new people, and I was able to recall their names because I managed to take a picture with them and exchanged numbers.  In my group was Daniel, Alyssa, Lola, and Jamie.  A few were in health science, and others in criminal justice.  When it came to sharing out loud what our definition of art was, we said that we wanted to pick soccer and pandas, and wanted to create a panda out of soccer balls, or have soccer balls made out of pandas.  Afterwards, we just talked about the procedure for the plaster project and how to do it amongst our group.


For this project, I decided to go to Newport Beach with my friends to do this.  Mainly, for the croissants they had to offer at Seaside bakery.  I went around 8 PM on a Saturday night and the beach was just filled with people playing Pokemon Go and the parking lot was a haphazard mess. Luckily, I was able to find a parking spot within the first few minutes being there, and I avoided circling the lot for hours like others.  My friends and I decided to grab drinks and croissants before we started the project.  Afterwards, we all tried to find a spot close to shore that wouldn’t get swept by the waves but also not too far where the sand is too dry.  I chose to do a mold of my hand, so as a result, we dug a little hole about 3x the size of a baseball, just so my hand could fit snugly. After this, I had my friends fill up the bucket with water and wet sand from the ocean.  As they did this, I tried to think of a way that I could easily pull out my hand with ease without messing up the mold.  I decided that I would have my hand at an angled position, roughly 45 degrees on the sand, therefore I could just slip my hand out without changing the mold.  My friends then filled the hole up with wet sand with my hand in its acute position and we waited a bit for the sand to harden.  After the sand hardened, and my mold was complete, I was able to successfully pull out my hand from the mold without damaging it.  Next step was to create the plaster, which I used 2 parts plaster and 1 part water from the ocean.  After I put the plaster in, me and my friends decided to kill time by making sand castles with the bucket or went back to Seaside for another croissant.  At the beginning of the project, I doubted myself and did not think I could make a mold that would look like mine.  In honesty, I thought my mold would look like a potato.  But after the 30 minutes, we came back to find out that mold was very similar to my actual hand.  I was pretty happy with how my project turned out, and was very surprised on how much detail remained as well.  I was able to find the exact shape of my thumb, and even the fingernails were still imprinted.  Overall, I think this project was a good way for me to get interactive with an art form.