WK 11 – Classmate discussion -Giancarlo Vento


This week we discussed the controversy around Demi Lovato’s fan art of her being depicted on a mermaid body.  Demi was not a fan of the fan art, and criticized her depiction of unrealistic breasts.  For this week, I talked to Giancarlo and me and him seemed to both agree that Demi did not react the proper way.  Although one detail of her may have been off, it is fan art, and Demi could have appreciated it first before going off.  Giancarlo mentioned that she shouldn’t have reacted like that and could’ve shown more appreciation for the young artist. At least she was depicted on a beautiful mermaid, and not something more degrading.




For this week, we were asked to make an art care package, and send it to either a friend, relative or stranger.  I decided to make it to my old friend, V. Le.  She and I attended the same high school and were really good friends all throughout the four years.  She was my bestfriend going into college and now we’ve drifted since.  It’s kinda important to also note that she’s also my ex girlfriend.  I decided to combine a few polaroids that I found in my room of her & I as a care package.  For most exes, people tend to get bitter that something didn’t end their way, or they end up resenting their friend.   It wasn’t the case for me, I’ve never held a grudge since, and continue to only wish the best for her.  These pictures held a sentimental nostalgic feeling and was very reminiscent for me.  This definitely feels similar to sending a snapchat, whereas both methods are sending “pictures” but this way is a lot more meaningful than a simple snap.  These are precious to me.

WK 9 – ARTIST DICUSSION – Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel-Bonilla Vera

Artist: Dalia Bañuelos
Exhibition: Infraction
Media: Installation, Graphics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @daliaeffect


Dalia and Daniel are art partners and work collaboratively with one another on projects, and have been both surrounded by love for art ever since they were young. However, since Dalia had done the exhibition that caught my eye solo, I decided to talk to her more.  Dalia had transferred to CSULB originally as a photography major.  She now studies studio art, and had always had a passion for art ever since she was young.  She hopes to expand her artistic ability through different mediums, such as graphic design and installation.


In the exhibit shows a figure being tied down by many ropes, with another figure in the back.  The exhibit was set up by installations around the room, with everything served with a purpose.  The piece also had a poster intentionally hanging off the wall.  The whole room gave off an eerie atmosphere in general due to its installation.


The actual body being tied represents Dalia’s reaction to getting rejected from her BFA application.  The figure is a symbol of Dalia’s anxiety and sorrow.  The figure represents the hopelessness of the rejection and the weakening motivation to perform.  Dalia was able to set the mood and ambiance of the gallery by her eerie showcase.  She was able to turn a negative event into a positive energy by allowing it to fuel her creativity and create this exhibition.  She executed the exhibit well since I was able to feel the feeling she felt when she intially heard about the rejection.


Initially, when I saw the figure on the ground, I hesitated to move forward since I was afraid it was going to a pop-up.  This says a lot about the ambiance, and how she was able to draw that emotion out of me.  The whole exhibit was able to say the same vibe and feeling.  I think the best works are the ones where you feel the same feeling as the artist when he or she created it.  I was definitely able to feel her sorrow and anxiety just by merely being in the exhibit.


For this week, we met up at the Japanese gardens on campus for class, and we were to sketch a scene.  This was my first time in the gardens so it was a nice experience, whereas I’ve always heard of the place to be aesthetic.  We were to find a scene that we liked, and sketch and draw what we saw multiple times.  For my location, I was able to find a spot that captured many fish, ducks, bridges, and scenery tied all into one.   Although I was not able to replicate it well on paper, I was still able to feel the effects of aestheticism from the gardens.



This week, I talked to Alyssa and we were talking about apps that were common on our smartphones.  When we both opened up our phones, we compared apps and noticed we had Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter in common on the first page.  This just illustrates how social media has become a frequent necessity among college students.  Aside from that, we also shared the normal apps such as messaging, music, phone, calender, etc.  But for the most part, we had social media on our first and miscellaneous apps in the second and third.


Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Get Together
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @theartofnate_



Nathaniel Paderanga is an oil based artist from San Diego who is currently attending his last semester here at Cal State Long Beach as a Drawing & Painting major.   Nathaniel had previously studied Kinesiology at a community college in San Diego but felt restricted creatively and became bored with the college.  As a result, he changed his major and came to Long Beach state.  It’s been three years since he has transferred and his journey is almost coming to an end.


Nathan specializes in oil based pieces, specifically on canvas.  This piece has been blended well with the various colors of the painting.  The colors all contrast and coordinate with one and other and give off a realistic cozy feeling.


The painting depicts two siblings/friends on a couch with one another, with the title Get Together, and this shows how modern day technology has taken a toll in bonding time with people.  Most people nowadays become submerged with technology that they have to be constantly on it even when around others.  This shows how it affects relationships and how it’s become a societal norm among friends and families.  I like this piece a lot in particular, because I come from a large family, and the reality of this message is very surreal.  The message of this painting is easily read just by a single glance.


I found myself to be very intrigued with this exhibition, due to its very well drawn paintings and the messages behind each piece.  Every piece in the gallery exhibited daily living and I was able to relate to each picture.  I really like how I was able to feel the message from the very start, instead of having to wonder what it was about.  I feel like I have more attachment with oil based pieces.