Artist: Katarina Stiller
Exhibition: N/A
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov – West
Website: N/A
Instagram: @katstiller


Katarina Stiller is an artist attending CSULB, and takes pride in creating sculptures.  Though I was not able to interview her directly, upon finding out more about her portfolio, I was able to get an idea of the works she likes to do.  She has an interest in clay work, and really enjoys ceramics.


The skull was crafted by re cycled clay, and had been created by hand.  The ceramic showed fine detail in the piece and there was obviously effort done in the production.  There was also use of paint which added more effect to the skull.


The skulls to me caught my attention immediately due to its nature.  This particular piece caught my attention because it stood out from the rest of the other figures on display.  This one seemed to have more thought and effort done on it, in the sense that it was a hard piece to make.  Upon looking at other works, Kat appears to really enjoy making sculptures of skulls of different types.  Whether they be animal skulls, human skulls, or different assorted arrangements to create skulls, they all share the same passion.


I enjoyed this week’s gallery, it was a little different where everything was on sale, and I was not able to directly speak to the artist but I enjoyed being able to view different works.  Kat’s display of handcrafted skulls caught my attention immediately and I was able to enjoy her work.


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