WK 9 – ARTIST DICUSSION – Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel-Bonilla Vera

Artist: Dalia Bañuelos
Exhibition: Infraction
Media: Installation, Graphics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @daliaeffect


Dalia and Daniel are art partners and work collaboratively with one another on projects, and have been both surrounded by love for art ever since they were young. However, since Dalia had done the exhibition that caught my eye solo, I decided to talk to her more.  Dalia had transferred to CSULB originally as a photography major.  She now studies studio art, and had always had a passion for art ever since she was young.  She hopes to expand her artistic ability through different mediums, such as graphic design and installation.


In the exhibit shows a figure being tied down by many ropes, with another figure in the back.  The exhibit was set up by installations around the room, with everything served with a purpose.  The piece also had a poster intentionally hanging off the wall.  The whole room gave off an eerie atmosphere in general due to its installation.


The actual body being tied represents Dalia’s reaction to getting rejected from her BFA application.  The figure is a symbol of Dalia’s anxiety and sorrow.  The figure represents the hopelessness of the rejection and the weakening motivation to perform.  Dalia was able to set the mood and ambiance of the gallery by her eerie showcase.  She was able to turn a negative event into a positive energy by allowing it to fuel her creativity and create this exhibition.  She executed the exhibit well since I was able to feel the feeling she felt when she intially heard about the rejection.


Initially, when I saw the figure on the ground, I hesitated to move forward since I was afraid it was going to a pop-up.  This says a lot about the ambiance, and how she was able to draw that emotion out of me.  The whole exhibit was able to say the same vibe and feeling.  I think the best works are the ones where you feel the same feeling as the artist when he or she created it.  I was definitely able to feel her sorrow and anxiety just by merely being in the exhibit.


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