For this week, we were asked to make an art care package, and send it to either a friend, relative or stranger.  I decided to make it to my old friend, V. Le.  She and I attended the same high school and were really good friends all throughout the four years.  She was my bestfriend going into college and now we’ve drifted since.  It’s kinda important to also note that she’s also my ex girlfriend.  I decided to combine a few polaroids that I found in my room of her & I as a care package.  For most exes, people tend to get bitter that something didn’t end their way, or they end up resenting their friend.   It wasn’t the case for me, I’ve never held a grudge since, and continue to only wish the best for her.  These pictures held a sentimental nostalgic feeling and was very reminiscent for me.  This definitely feels similar to sending a snapchat, whereas both methods are sending “pictures” but this way is a lot more meaningful than a simple snap.  These are precious to me.


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