Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Get Together
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @theartofnate_



Nathaniel Paderanga is an oil based artist from San Diego who is currently attending his last semester here at Cal State Long Beach as a Drawing & Painting major.   Nathaniel had previously studied Kinesiology at a community college in San Diego but felt restricted creatively and became bored with the college.  As a result, he changed his major and came to Long Beach state.  It’s been three years since he has transferred and his journey is almost coming to an end.


Nathan specializes in oil based pieces, specifically on canvas.  This piece has been blended well with the various colors of the painting.  The colors all contrast and coordinate with one and other and give off a realistic cozy feeling.


The painting depicts two siblings/friends on a couch with one another, with the title Get Together, and this shows how modern day technology has taken a toll in bonding time with people.  Most people nowadays become submerged with technology that they have to be constantly on it even when around others.  This shows how it affects relationships and how it’s become a societal norm among friends and families.  I like this piece a lot in particular, because I come from a large family, and the reality of this message is very surreal.  The message of this painting is easily read just by a single glance.


I found myself to be very intrigued with this exhibition, due to its very well drawn paintings and the messages behind each piece.  Every piece in the gallery exhibited daily living and I was able to relate to each picture.  I really like how I was able to feel the message from the very start, instead of having to wonder what it was about.  I feel like I have more attachment with oil based pieces.


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