Artist: Sheila Rodriguez
Exhibition: Were We Even Here
Media: Embroidery, Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Max L. Gatov gallery East
Website: sheilarodriguez.com
Instagram: @sheilagarettrodriguez



Growing up in Los Angeles, artist Sheila Rodriguez is a native here to Cal State Long Beach pursuing her masters degree in the Fiber Arts.  Over the course of her life, Sheila had moved houses multiple times, and as a result, this influenced her art gallery and had attached sentimental values into her pieces. Sheila received a bachelors degree in the arts of drawing and painting..



For this piece, Sheila emphasized on using embroidery to make the piece more intimate and connective.  Her split use of drawing and painting and embroidery defined her favorite medias and was able to capture the essence of her attachment to her homes.  The gallery had been highly influenced by embroidery, with drawing and painting to be in the background.


The piece that stood out to me the most was, “No Trespassing, Borders and Bodies,” and the the piece reflected a figure with a house as the head having its’ arms chained sideways, forming a “T” like stance.  To me, the piece reflected the homeowners attachment to the house, and how they feel as if they would never be able to leave their home.  According to Sheila, the piece is meant to be interpreted for identity.  Each house you live in, you gain a new identity to its cultural vicinity.


For every week of galleries, I never know what quite to expect since artists have such vast styles and their own interpretation.  For me, it was refreshing to see embroidery for a change, since it felt more interactive and unique.  I was able to quickly feel the connection with Sheila that she originally put into her pieces.  Since I moved quite frequently myself, I understand the hardships of leaving behind your home and venturing out to a new place.  It’s quite tough to start over and make friends with people in a new area, when you’re unfamiliar with any of the co-cultures, and having to move right when you just settled.



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