Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: Psycho Circle
Media: Ceramics, Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  – West
Website: janeweibel.com
Instagram: @janemargarette



Jane Margarette Weibel is an undergrad here at Cal State Long Beach finishing up her last year as a Ceramics for her Bachelors in Fine Arts.  Like many other artists here at Long Beach, Weibel had not always begun as a Ceramics major since here journey here.  Jane tried biology and nutrition before deciding that art was her passion and thus pursued it afterwards.  Jane preaches feminism and expresses her ideals through her art.



The piece specifically analyzed shows a pile of shredded multi-colored paper.  It was placed against a wall, and had seemed to be uniquely arranged.  Its color gave off the subtle mesage of feminism and evoked the theme of individualism.


Of all the projects in the exhibition, all of them contained the same universal theme of feminism and identity.  Each art work displayed a different identity, without a face, and many showed the oppression and absence of men in each piece. One thing I would like to point out is that there is no specific name for any of the pieces in the gallery, but Ms. Weibel would prefer to call it simply by what it looks like.  The shredded piece of paper stood out the most to me, based on its story.  The pile of multi-colored shredded paper stood for the identity of women and how often normal piles of paper are often overlooked as one thing. The pile represented each individual and displayed the unique identities of women.


Coming from a male perspective, I had to change my mindset going into this feminism exhibition and try to understand the viewpoints of each pieces.  I noticed that all of the pieces of women had pictures of the body but without a face, due to its identity concealment.  I felt like the pile of shredded paper showed that women of all different types get oppressed in the work force or that male simply have it slightly better due to social stigma.  Aside from that, the next piece that stood out to me the most was the huge cage, and the reason behind it.  The reason being that “a cage is a cage no matter how pretty it looks, and cages are designed to take away freedom from a person.”





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