Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: The Windows
Media: Digital media, ink jet printer
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi – Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @maypta



It has often been said that in order to achieve happiness, you must chase your passion to please the mind.  Growing up, artist May Ta, had ambitions of being an engineer while developing her artistic ability. Despite having any family members interested in art, this did not stop the artist from falling in love with the colors of the world. Eventually, May’s passion for art had overcome her passion for engineering and she decided to fully pursue the world of Art, and committed by majoring in Illustration here at Cal State Long Beach for her BFA degree.



The piece depicts six windows, each with a different scene and story.  The work combines illustration and painting, along with a 3-D wooden frame to encapture the atmosphere of its realism. The appearance seemed to be blank white, with the straight aligned images adjacent to one another.  May commented that there is no exact story behind each scene, but rather made for self interpretation. She feels that windows and doors hold the most memory and stories, therefore the creation of the piece.


For my own self interpretation, I was able to find each scene a different part of life, the stages of love and life to be exact.  In the first two scenes, at the very top, going from left to right, shows a couple in their honey moon stage dating and getting to know one another.  The middle scene depicts their first child and and settling in, living more comfortably.  The bottom scene shows the later stages of life, with more serious talks and sadness, with the bottom right scene showing a spouse remembering the times when the other was alive.  I was able to relate this story due to May’s comment that one “should be intimate with yourself so that you can connect to other people.”She suggests that intimacy is the key to connecting with the world, and that each individual has the potential to contribute.


I felt like I connected most with this piece due to its ambiguous background and its mysterious tale.  From my own interpretation, I was able to feel the same feeling the artist felt as she made it.  This piece reassured me that I was able to view life the same way as others, and it showed through each scene of the piece.  May’s expression of intimacy and easy going vibe around her piece reflected a lifestyle similar to mine.  Because of that, I was able to convey the same emotion as her pieces.



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