For this week’s project, we were assigned to do an automatic drawing, which the idea seemed to be very interesting to me.  I decided to have my dad be my partner since I know he’s always been interested in art.  The project started as both of us holding the same lead pencil, which kept pressing down due to both of us pushing down on it often, so we had to push the lead out very frequently.  We both closed our eyes and started to feel each other’s movements and did it based on that.  Every time I pushed the pencil towards my dad, he would feel it and turn it around in the same motion.  Eventually, we ended up making a symbol that resembled the infinity sign.  Afterwards, I noticed the infinity sign, I filled it in with the pastel sticks. The project ended up being pretty cool because my dad and I both didn’t know how it would turn out, and we ended up liking the result of our creation.


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