14114682_1216363868430853_754719261_oSo for out first face2face meetup, we spent the entire time getting to know one another and defining different ways of art.  We discussed what could be used as a form of art, which I suggested Legos.  I think it was very cool of Glenn to suggest our meets be dedicated to meeting new people and quiz,tests, or textbooks  not be required.  After defining art, we got in small groups of 5 where we discussed our majors, definitions, and where we came from.  I do not recall all of my groups names, but I do remember one wanted to be an electric engineer and a computer scientist.  Another had been a foreign exchange student from India.  Afterwards, we got into another group of 5 with new people, and I was able to recall their names because I managed to take a picture with them and exchanged numbers.  In my group was Daniel, Alyssa, Lola, and Jamie.  A few were in health science, and others in criminal justice.  When it came to sharing out loud what our definition of art was, we said that we wanted to pick soccer and pandas, and wanted to create a panda out of soccer balls, or have soccer balls made out of pandas.  Afterwards, we just talked about the procedure for the plaster project and how to do it amongst our group.


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